We are a unique party place for all the Girly Girls who love to be pampered.  

We offer 2 hour birthday parties that focus on 'Girly Glam', fun, relaxation and pampering.   Come in, slip on a pink warm robe, relax your feet in some warm rose water, soak your hands and get a light mani and pedi while sipping pink sugary lemonade cocktails and having some girl time.  Get yourself dolled up with some light makeup before heading to our studio rooms where we use professional studio equipment to have your "Girly Girl" feel like a model!  

Individual and group portraits are taken and available for download within a day of your party! 

Finish the day off by heading to our party room where your table is lavishly decorated with linens, dinnerware and fun girly stuff!

Bring in whatever yummies treats you desire as well as have time to open gifts!

We have a full staff that loves to make your "Girly Girl" and her guests feel special on her special day!


         Girly Girl

Party Place

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                                  Your unique Girly Girl Party Place